Deo Hand Sanitiser

Features and benefits

Professional 500ml antibacterial hand gel – easy pump dispenser for sanitising

70% alcohol content – fast-acting, germ killing formula

Refreshes, dries quickly – does not require water or towels

Rub into wrists and hands for at least 15 seconds – efficiently achieve best results

Ideal pre-treatment cleanser – prepare clients for manicures and pedicures


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Pump dispensed antibacterial hand gel
Containing 70% alcohol, maintain hygiene for yourself and clients with this large 500ml hand gel. Ideal for salon, mobile and spas, apply from the pump to kill germs in seconds without the need for water or towels.

Easy and quick sanitisation
For best results, rub the sanitiser into wrists, palms and fingers and back of hands for at least 15 seconds. Fast and easy to use, include as a pre-treatment cleanser for manicures and pedicures for a refreshed, quick drying finish.


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