Hand Sanitiser 5 Ltr 70% alcohol


70% alcohol Pino Care Hand Sanitiser 5000 ml

Alcohol Hand Sanitiser


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70% alcohol Pino Care Hand Sanitiser 5000 ml

PANTOCARE Alcohol Hand Sanitiser

The products that are manufactured by PANTOCARE are  made under the required regulations. All of the raw materials we use are brought from licensed companies and suppliers and according to the licenses we hold. The bottles we use in the production of our product are all food grade PET recyclable bottles.

After research and following the regulation guidelines stating that 62% alcohol should be used as the minimum concentration, we have decided to use 70% alcohol to insure the effect of our product is guaranteed and the germs/bacteria are killed.

The chemicals used in the hand sanitiser are all safe and have no side effects at the concentrations used. The alcohol content used in our product is very high and may cause some minor irritation to consumers suffering from asthma if inhaled directly after product application.

Daily use of hand sanitiser

This formula has been specifically made for the situation we are currently going through. The high alcohol contain we are, as manufacturers, required  to use in our hand sanitiser products is 62% to carry out proclaim cleansing and antibacterial affects. We decided, after thorough research, to use 70% alcohol concentration to ensure that the affect is granted. At times like this, we can not gamble on the safety of the product consumer by using anything below the recommended. Alcohol is the main and active ingredient used in all hand sanitising products. This is due to the properties of the alcohol used, allowing it to be effective in sanitising and providing antibacterial properties. 

Due to large fears of contracting viruses during a pandemic, consumers tend to use large amounts of alcohol based gels and liquids on a daily bases. This is especially true for nurses and doctors currently working very hard, they consume large amounts of hand sanitiser. The constant use of alcohol on skin can lead to side effects, especially for those with sensitive skin. 

We have tested and research the side effects of continuous use of alcohol on skin. The product was safe for continuous use on a daily basis. Carbomer thickening and stabilising agent is used in our mixture to evenly spread the concentration of alcohol used. Any consumer with skin conditions can use this product with care and must be careful in the content used. Any skin medication (gel, creams or moisturisers) must be checked to see if there is any chance of reacting with the alcohol used. This should not be an issue for the great majority of medications as the ingredients used in the hand sanitiser are all deemed safe and are stable for use at the specific concentration used.


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